About Us

Our kennel is situated in the beautiful bushveld, 20 km from Bela Bela.   We breed and love our rotties and wish each puppy to find the perfect home, to be cared for and loved, and  be your loyal companion.



Our family on Baja Plaas consist of 21 Rotties:

The Girls........
- Kyla

-Bella Donna (Rus Imp)

-Nici (Champion)

-Yasmin (Champion)


-Kiba      (Gino x Showzi)

-Anja      (Gino x Bella Donna)




-Leni    (Germ Imp)

-Gina   (Anni x Benno)


The Boys.....

-Benno (Russian Import)


-Hugo (nixi x Benno)


-Bruno   (Bentley x Nici)


-Astor     (Benno x Kiba)

-Dexter  (Showzi x Razzi)

-Tayson (Anni x Benno)